What’s New in the Garden and at the Market?

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Not a whole lot is new, but I do have quite a few tomato plants that have come up.  They are the non-hybrid varieties, lots of stripes, purples, etc. Hopefully we can get them in the ground and growing very soon.  The calender says we are done with frost for the year. I hope so.

I’ve been raking the goat yard every day, and puting the waste, which is mixed with hay and shavings, into a new compost bin I built from wire.  I can see that the wire composter will soon outgrow all the waste products we create here, so I’m just going to open-compost most of it, and  use some of it in the wire composters.  My thought is that I can bury kitchen wastes in the center, or at least layer them so the dogs will stay out of my compost.  I compost tea bags, fruit rinds, milk filters, etc. and the dogs love dragging those things all over the yard.  I used tent stakes to hopefully tie the wire composter to the ground, and somewhat carefully layered my old pile and a few wheelbarrows of new goat yard waste into the bin.

The horse pasture could really use a poop-cleaning, but we’re about to renovate that pasture, as soon as I get fencing up in the new pasture, so I decided to leave it be and drag it as soon as we move the horses off it.  It looks a mess!  Five horses and two male goats on about a one acre dry lot?  NOT pretty!  But, I do keep Caritas off of it during the day, he is already in the new pasture…fenced in with yarn and thumbtacks…what a good horse, and the grass in the dry lot is trying really hard to grow.  I can’t wait to apply the raw milk to it, drag it, and apply compost tea if I can ever get all this stuff composted.

Exciting stuff!

I visited my new market this week.  I met with the market managers, gave them samples of my products, talked over all the details, etc. I am so excited!  The market is lovely and INDOORS!  I’ll have 12 feet of space and two tables available to use.  I only have to bring my products and props!  What a difference from the festival I did in the fall where I had to bring tables, canopy, set up on the sidewalk, etc.  Plus I can drive right up to the ramps to unload…now, I just need a wheeled cart that will fit in my car!

The market is the Community Market in Danville, at the Crossing At the Dan.  You can see the website at the following link. Danville, VA – Official Website – Farmers’ Market It’s very historic and the building has lovely 100+ year old floors, varnished to a dazzling shine.  The market is open on both sides for a good flow, but all the big roll up doors can be closed if needed due to weather. The back of the market is in a bit of a mess as they are building a new parking lot.  The market has outgrown it’s current parking and I’ll actually have to take a shuttle to and from my car!   There is plenty of parking in the front of the building though, and also along the sidewalks, so you shouldn’t have a problem with it.  There is also a shuttle that runs continuously from a large parking lot to the market, and there should not be much waiting for it to run.

Opening day is May 1st!  Our booth will be between the crafts and the produce, kind of in the middle section.  There will also be produce vendors set up outside and there will be lots going on to celebrate the opening of the market.  The first 750 people also get a free tomato plant!  So, if you’re going, get there early! Hopefully CG will also be there with me…depends on his work schedule.

Hope to see you at the market some time, we plan to be there on Saturday’s for the duration of the market season.  If you’re a blog reader, let us know!

Danville, VA – Official Website – Farmers’ Market

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