First Market Day

It turned out to be an extra warm spring day, but inside the covered market in Danville, it was breezy and cool.  The crowd was heavy at the beginning, due in part I’m sure to advertising before the event, not to mention the first 750 people got a free tomato plant!

The news cameras were there, and several of my vendor neighbors got to explain a little bit about their products on camera.  I, however, declined, but was happy to let the camera man shoot some footage of my products.

I got to meet a lot of great market customers and fellow vendors.  I’ve only been to Danville a couple of times, so I didn’t know anyone, but meeting new people is always FUN!

I got a lot of great ideas for new soaps and products.  My lotion bottles didn’t get here until Sat. night so I didn’t have any lotions, but I had taken my testers so people who frequent the market regularly will hopefully remember that I DO normally have them available…and they are made by ME!  Not bought pre-made and poured into bottles..

I also took my Natural Hoof Care brochures and information, and talked to several people about horse feet…which I LOVE talking about.

Most weeks the market management has events planned with special visitors, music, etc., which should bring lots of visitors to the market, plus provide entertainment to the vendors.  I’m thinking of some theme soaps right now, such as a beer soap and a Dan River Soap.

Does anyone know if there was a special beer or alcoholic beverage traditionally made in Danville, or named after the city?

I also need a farm banner.  I’d love to make an appliqued banner like a beautiful one I saw at a market last year, but my sewing machine does not work properly, so I’ll have to think of something else.

Well, I’m making lotions today…got lots of trimming to do this week so I figure I better get them done today if I want to get them done before Sat. Right now I just have 8 oz bottles but will be doing some smaller bottles soon.  I’ll also have smaller soaps next week for those folks that want to try several varieties but don’t have a lot of extra cash.  I also have the two different gift packs available with 4 different types of soap in each bag.  They are individually labeled too, so there is no guessing which soap is which!  Hopefully, you will love them all!

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday!

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  1. Floyd Jenkins in Volens made my 2 banners and they are very nice and have held up well over the course of this year. He can take your design and put it on a vinyl banner, that’s what he did for me. He is located on State Shed Rd off of 501S. There is another person in Halifax that does vinyl banners too, just past Southern States on the left, a small shop. So, you may well check there too. In the meantime, get a vinyl tablecloth and a Sharpie and do an artistic version of your business name. I got a round tablecloth and draped it on the table and laid a complementing runner on top. I am glad you had a good market day!


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