Naughty Ponies and Goat Milk Lotions

It’s my own fault.  I’ve been too busy to put up the fence..and crazy enough to think I could make it through the week on the little bit of hay I had left…my plan had been to graze the horses under supervision during the day, and feed hay in the dry lot at night.

I’ve been very lazy.

I just fed the hay and said “forget it.”

Now I’m almost out of hay and won’t be able to get any more until Wednesday.

So this morning I HAD to let the horses out to graze.  No other choice.

We do have a fence around the unused pasture, but it consists of just one strand of non-electrified tape. I could electrify it easy enough…that’s where the lazy part comes in.  It would require a bit of adjusting…adding some of those what cha ma giggies to the fence posts….insulators…that’s it!

It’s not as easy as it sounds…I won’t go into boring details..but suffice it to say that the posts need replacing…and so the fence would be temporary until I get the materials to do it “right”.

I’d just have to do it all over again.

So I’ve been waiting until I get everything together to make my new perfect fence.

And whoever it was I dreamt about last night that wanted me to board their horses…FORGET IT!

I can just barely keep the five in that I got!

I put 4 of them in with the goats this morning.  The goats have this long pasture, rather narrow in places..sort of like a alley way or a runway, only much wider (about 100 feet wide I guess, maybe a little bigger).

If you know anything about horses, you know that if you put them somewhere where they have a spot that looks good to run in, they will run in it.

And they did.

Lyrik jumped out of the fence to be with Caritas, who was just on the other side of the alley runway.

He was eating quite calmly and unaffected by the horse race that went on for what seemed like hours.  I stood by a tree and felt the air swirl as the horses ran by time and time again…from one end of the runway to the next.

Absolutely giddy.

Not me, them!

They dodged the trees, missing them by mere horse hairs.

Lyrik was on my side of the fence.  He knows better.  I can count on him to watch out for me.  He was cantering slowly, not galloping wildly like the mares and the crazy pony who started it all.

Smokey the pony started it all when I walked the goats back into their pasture after milking.  He chased them back out and then started running wildly through the woods, back and forth along the fence line, stopping just short of  running right through the end of the fence…bucking and kicking…yep, you gotta watch out for that one!

He’ll take your eye out with a badly placed rear hoof as he bucks while running past.

I finally got a rope around his neck when he stopped to sniff Caritas’ grain feeder.

He reared up and tried to run away again.

I made a note to myself that this pony is unfit for a child and needs A LOT of work to become civilized.  All horses here are require to be civilized.  Somehow he managed to slip through the cracks.

Well, he’s back in the goat pasture and the goats  are now in a new area for the day with lots and lots of browse.  Everybody is happy for the moment, including me.

Now I get to go have fun…now that the children are behaving!

I have more lotions to scent and bottle up and I’m making my first batch of whipped Shea butter today.  It will be available this weekend at the market if it turns out.  It should be dummy-proof, the recipe is quite simple….and I still have about 15 pounds of lovely shea butter left from my last shipment.  Yum!

My soap and lotion business is really about marketing my goats milk, but I’ve had a lot of requests for  shea butter, which  I buy in bulk to put in all my soaps, so I decided I’d go a head and do some of those up too. The shea I buy is a fair-trade variety and is unrefined with a kind of nutty, natural scent. It lasts for a long, long time.  I bought a small jar of it over a year ago and still have it, although I lost it when we moved and just found it the other day.  It’s still good and did not require a preservative since it contains no goat milk.

Other news is:

I have a male barn cat that turned out to be female barn cat that lives in the garage and not the barn, who turned out  to be pregnant and had two kittens yesterday morning.  I am all for spaying and neutering, but this cat got given away and somehow made it back….or something like that.  Anyway, she had two kittens on our front porch in the middle of  Lyriks winter blanket that I had put there to remind myself to wash it.

The kittens will need homes in just a few weeks, so if you know anyone who would like a cute kitten let me know.  One is an orange tabby male and the other is a  mostly black female with just a little calico coloring on her head.

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