Got the Whipped Shea Butter Done!

Shea butter of L'Occitane
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Yesterday I finally got around to making my whipped shea I had been planning on making for months.  If there isn’t a better way to do it, that will be one item I’ll never try to do again!

The recipe called for the use of a kitchen aid.  I don’t have a kitchen aid.  But I do have a food processor.

Not the same thing.

Ever try to scoop something out of a food processor with the blade in the way?  And not want to take the blade out of the processor because the whole thing is covered with oil, and you don’t want to mess up your pretty paper labels on the  jars into which you are trying to meticulously scoop exactly 1.5 ounces of whipped shea butter into?

It required the use of lots of utensils.

Each utensil has to be laid out on paper towels….which soon are covered with shea butter…so everything you touch is coated with shea butter, and everything has to be sanitary and you can’t touch the insides of the jars…or touch the shea that will go into the jars.

Betcha haven’t tried it.

Okay, it’s not my favorite thing.

Not yet anyway.

I’m gonna stick to mostly making soap and trimming horse feet.  Now those are fun things to do!

Today I have half a million bars of soap to cut in half so I can have some smaller bars this weekend for my market table.  And I have to re-shrink wrap them and design new labels…the same, only smaller.

I’ve got one label done.  Only sixty billion left to do.

And I’m behind already.  Had to spray the horses down this morning  with some new fly spray I made which works GREAT by the way.  I think I probably posted about it the other day.  I don’t remember.  I can’t remember anything.  Anyway, it contains AVON SOS, white vinegar, eucalyptus globulus, (smells like Vicks) and eucalyptus citradoria (smells like citrus),  litsea and peppermint.  Plus a little lavender.  I would have liked to use tea tree but that’s still on my “to order” list.

Anyway, it smells like chocolate.  And the horse flies hate it.  I spray it on the goats too. They love it.  Being sprayed I mean.  The horses don’t like it, but all of them except Lyrik will put up with it.

Lyrik does this little rearing thing when I come at him with a bottle of fly spray.  Even if I start at the other end, or start with his feet.  No difference.   So, I have to slather it on him by hand.  He deserves it.  He’s beautiful.  CG just calls him “Pretty Boy”.  I think that means he likes him.  Anyway, I love him, well both of them actually, so I’ll just keep greasing myself up to keep the flies off of him.  Off Lyrik.  Flies don’t like CG much, but ticks like us both.  It’s that season again…I love summer but for the bugs.

Can’t have it all.

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  1. Yes, I have tried the spray and it actually does work! I bought some more white vinegar to make up another batch, but I think I am going to try some kombucha tea also. I’ve heard black tea repels bugs, and I can make kombucha with either black or green tea.


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