Weekend News on Shantara Acres Farm

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Well, I figured out a couple of things over the weekend.

The first one is that you CAN’T wash baby wipes in the washing  machine because they DO fall apart.  They are all over my backyard, under the clothesline, and they made quite a mess in the washing machine.

I had been using paper towels to clean the goats udders before milking.  Well, between the paper towels and the teat dip I was using, I was getting some chapping going on.

Not a good thing.

So, I switched back to using unscented baby wipes and a teat spray instead of a dip, plus drying them afterward, which has worked beautifully.  Only thing is, I ran out of baby wipes.  Trying to be frugal, and green and energy conscious and all that I got this idea that maybe I could launder the baby wipes and reuse them a couple of times.

Nope.  Can’t do that.

The other thing I figured out was….well, I forgot what that was..

But, I did have a nice market day on Saturday.  We didn’t get the hail and tornados the weather man was calling for and I DOUBLED my market income…

I went from $30 the first week, to $60 the second week.  Give or take a few pennies.  Now, if I could just double it each week, I’d be really happy!

I need to make more soap!  And lotion!  That stuff goes fast. I didn’t sell any of my shea butter.  That was disappointing as I worked so hard on it….

…..CG  found some of it in his lunch, on a tomato I cut up for him to put on his sandwich.  He couldn’t eat it.  I assured him it wouldn’t kill him.  But whatever.  He said it tasted like soap.  My goal is to keep the soap OUT of the dinner.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

Well, maybe next time.  I do need a working soap room.  I have a room for storage.  But there is no sink or stove.  So I’m in the kitchen for now.

Back in the olden days the women used to make soap outside in great big pots over a fire.  They used ashes and lard and water.

Maybe I’ll try that.  The outside part anyway.  No way could I stir that stuff all day.  I’ll NEVER give up my stick blender.  Forget that!

More Farm News:

I took down the electric mesh fence I had up for the baby chicks.  They don’t stay in it anyway.  I put it up for the baby goats, so now they have their original outdoor pen under the trees, with their shelter, plus a small, grassy pasture/run attached to the pen.  It’s working great.  I watched them for about an hour to make sure they respected the electric fence and they seemed to have gotten used to it, after repeatedly chewing on the electrified wires.  There is a lot of fence hooked up to the charger, so the jolt is much less than they’d get if I didn’t have so much of the fence electrified around the property.

Somehow, I managed to enclose our one cherry tree inside the fence.  The baby goats honed right in on it, and happily went to work debarking it for me.  I hope it’s not poisonous.

My neighbor came to visit me this morning.  He was a nice older gentleman.  I’ve already forgotten his name.  He said he’d come back when CG was here so he could meet him too.  He thinks he knows him since he’s lived here since the dinosaur age and CG grew up just a few miles from here.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here.  Quiet and beautiful.  The trees are even lovelier than before, and we mowed the horse area in the back of the house and it looks even more park-like.  We had an awful lot of buttercups coming up and neither the horses nor the goats like them.  They end up growing about 8 feet tall and smothering out any grass that would like to grow.

No more.

And I guess that’s all for today, unless you’re like me and get happy when a hen starts setting on eggs.  I’ve got one that started setting yesterday, on four eggs.  She was in the baby goat house, so I moved her to a cage of her own with a nest  and added 3 more green eggs.

I put food and water in it too because hens will not get off their nest to get food or water, and loose a lot of body condition.  Plus, if she got off her nest  around here, the dogs would eat her eggs.  Although I think they’d be very surprised to find a chick inside and once opened, would probably not eat it.  I’ve never gotten the dogs to eat dead chickens.  Or live ones for that matter either.  I guess that’s a good thing.

If you see me at the market this weekend, stop and  say hi.  I should have my sign up sheet out for email addresses that day.  I’m going to try doing a newsletter starting in June.  I’ll have to see how that goes.  Anyone know of a template for one of those?  It’ll have what  new soaps or products we have in the works, plus news on the animals and such.  Kind of like this blog, only more to the point.  It should have some pictures too if I can ever figure out how to get pictures transferred from my camera again.  Somewhere in my house, packed up in one of the boxes, is the cord I need, just waiting for me to find it.

Soon.  Very soon.

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