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They say no news is good news….so good for us, there isn’t much news!

The rain has finally stopped.  Not for long though.  They are calling for more of the stuff tonight.

As soon as it warms up a little I’ll be able to video tape the grass growing.  Now, if it would just grow as fast in the pastures as it does in the yard, I’d be happy.

Today I got to trim a little future race horse filly.  Now, if anyone knows about baby horses, they know that they are all teeth and hooves…when it comes to handling them anyway.

But, regardless of her kicking, rearing, biting, trying to jump out of the stall antics, etc. etc.  she was so cute it was worth it.  I WANT A BABY HORSE!

Not really.  They act like puppies.  500 pound puppies.

I think I’ll stick to baby goats for the time being.  I do have that idea floating in the back of my mind of breeding one of my mares to a donkey so I can get a mule to work this farm.  CG says I need to put these horses to work.  Heck with the mule, I’ve got 5 able-bodies horses standing around insisting on breakfast and dinner everyday!

They don’t give milk or lay eggs, and we can’t eat them….so, they really do need to do something I guess.

However, Lyrik is quite useful.  He spends a lot of time standing around, looking good.   He walks up to us like a rock star.  A Bon Jovi in a red and black fur coat.

Yep, I’d run away with him.  (Lyrik )  If he’d actually leave the herd, which is highly doubtful.

Guess I could scan the want ads.  Maybe find them a job some place close by.

I myself have been working quite diligently.  Yesterday I made more lotion.  Enough for about 20 8oz bottles.  I still need to scent it and bottle it….my least favorite part.  I used to get frustrated with the labeling, but I’ve got that down pretty well now.  I designed new labels for most of the lotions.  My first ones were a, amaturish.  The new ones look better, but they are paper labels and not waterproof so I have to cover each label with clear packaging tape to keep them from getting ruined by the lotion which inevitably ends up on the label no matter how careful a person is.

Next time I’ll get the waterproof ones, even though they are twice as expensive.  I’ve still got about a million more of the paper labels so I’ve been using them on other projects like egg carton labels, receipt booklets for renters, etc.

goats milk lotions
8oz pump bottles of goats milk lotions

Other News:

Egg cartons.  Not a subject of much interest I’m sure. But I’m excited.  I ordered a new (old) style of egg carton called a 3×4.  It holds three eggs one way, four the other, and used to be available years ago.  They might not be as practical with today’s modern refrigerators, but they sure are unique.  Adding blue and green eggs to them will certainly make them stand out from the rest of the eggs!  They are on back order right now, but are supposed to be shipped out around the first of June.  If I can find any eggs to put in them, they should be at the market by the second week of June.

3x4 egg carton box
3x4 egg box

If I ever get my custom stamp, the farm name will be stamped on the top of the box.  Aren’t they just the cutest things?

Happy Tuesday!

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    1. I’m not too concerned with myself getting lotion on the label, I worry more about the customer trying this lotion and that lotion, then picking up a bottle of lotion to look at and then before you know it, I have grease stains on all the labels! Plus, once they get it home, the labels will stain easily…

      I don’t have the same issue with the soap. I ordered matching labels…just never thought about the differences in the products.


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