Another Great Soap Marketing Day!

Yesterday was a GREAT market day! People were lined up at the door way before the market opened, due in part at least because there was also a 5k run later on in the morning. Soap sales were brisk and I even sold several of the shea butters! Whoo hoo. After all that work it took to create them!

I ran out of a few soaps, which I have more stock of here at home, except for the pepermint/eucalyptus. I have no more bars of that and have to get that one soaped ASAP!

I was truely tickled when I heard some of the comments market visitors were making about the soap and lotions scents…”divine” and “wonderful” were two that I remember.

CG and I watched the new film by Dr. Dyer called “The Shift” last night, and afterwards went out to dinner. It was a rainy, stormy evening. I remember thinking about some of the things Dr. Dyer said in his film about creating a life with meaning, instead of purely financial success, and I realized that even though I am creating a product to sell, what better way to affect a persons life than by giving them a GREAT shower experience? A good experience that will hopefully make them feel better all day.

I know it’s not much, but I feel so much better creating bars of soap for people than I did making potato chips for them!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that. It was kind of an interesting revelation to me.

I also got a new book by Ellie Winslow intitled “Marketing Your Farm Products And How to Thrive Beyond the Sidewalks.” It comes highly recommended by other small farm entrepenuers like me, and I’ve been wanting to buy it for a long time. Even though I just started reading it I can see that it’s an excellent investment. Ellie also has a great site that can be seen at

Ellie has written many useful books, even one about making money with your goats.  She is very knowledgeable about goats and I know that first hand because she is a regular contributor over at the Dairy Goat Info Site.

Other than that, CG and I have a new soap product we are working on.  It’s still in the planning and design stages right now, but we should have one available soon.  Right now it’s still top secret, but as soon as we know we can reproduce it sucessfully we’ll let you in on the surprise.

I wish you all a happy, peaceful Sunday.

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  1. I meant to tell you this very thing – I think about you so often. I walk into my bath and it smells so good (lemon verbena is the current bar) that I get a little mental vacation! It makes everything smell so good, even after my bath. And with my fresh, unadulterated milk, my healthful kefir, and my wonderful soaps and lotions, you make me feel so de-stressed no matter what goes on at work! Thank you for everything you do!


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