A Day Without Rain?

Aha!  Finally a day with no rain…maybe?  I’ve got clothes that need to get hung out..we still haven’t gotten the plug for the dryer wired yet.  The dirty clothes pile was getting higher and higher.  I can hang a few things around the house…about one wash load full, and thats about all we have room for.

Clothes do smell fresher when hung outside, but then there are the bugs that like to hide in the seams and folds, only to crawl on your skin soon as you put the line-dried thing on!

Clothes dryers don’t harbor bugs, so I’m all for them.  Plus, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside or not, we can have dry clothes.  Ah, it’s the small things in life, isn’t it?

Still, I guess I’m using less electricity and whatever by drying the clothes in the sun.  So I guess I’m green that way.

I’m working on some re-fencing today.  I don’t know how that’s going to go.  The horses are all for it, but the goats hate being moved, even if it’s to a better place!

Their enclosure right now includes a pasture and wooded area but also a lounging area under a group of cedar trees that just won’t dry out with all this rain…so I’m going to re-fence around the area and add sand to the new shelter/lounging area if I can find any around here.  I can get it in bags, but the cost is ridiculous.  I need about 10 pick up truck loads.

And a better back than the one I have for unloading it all!

I wish you all a happy Wednesday!

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One thought on “A Day Without Rain?

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  1. Two things: First, ‘snap’ & shake all your clothes as you take them from the line. It dislodges all but the most stubborn of bugs.
    Second, not only do clothes smell fresher, the sun kills whatever didn’t die in the wash cycle of germs and such from your clothes. So line drying is not only economical, it’s healthy.
    Ok, a third thing. Softeners may make towels & such softer, but they tend to gum up the dryer after a while, and make towels less absorbent. And line dried towels & wash cloths save money on those buff puff things people buy. With line dried terry cloth, you don’t need to buy special abrasives for your skin. The towels & washcloths remove the dead skin nicely


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