Surprise! New Farm Pictures!

Well, I figured out that my memory card is bad…which is why it would not upload or transfer pictures. I’m using a smaller memory card, which works great, but only holds 16 pictures, AND it only works in my old camera. But, I was able to get some shots today and got them uploaded and wanted to share them since I had not posted pictures for so long. Hope you enjoy them.

Shady Driveway
This is our shady of the main reasons I like living here...we have lots of shade for both humans and animals.
Amira in the foreground and Shantara in the background. This is the muddy area that's being fenced off from both horses and goats. Don't worry, they'll still have shade trees, just different shade trees!
This is Lyrik with his head in the laundry! I think it helps keep the flies off his face, plus the damp clothes are, I hope I can find the lint roller to get all that horse hair off the clean laundry!
This is Malachi, half way grown up.
Herd of baby goats. They are hardly babies anymore! Enjoying the shade on a hot and humid day.
This is CG's partially finished bathroom project. The wainscotting goes half way up the walls and he tiled the floor...the floor was sooooo uneven. I felt sorry for him trying to get it all to work. It's coming togther nicely and looks about a million times better than before! Plus, the bugs can't creep in through the cracks between the floor and the walls anymore. Whoo hoo!
My fourth of July soap. I'm calling it "American Pie". It's scented with three different scents that meld together and make a really nice scent. They will be wrapped and ready for the market table this weekend!
And lastly, this is Ciara, our tiny goat kid who really isn't so tiny anymore....but, I still call her my tiny goat, and she gets to hang with me most of the day. Today she helped me with my fencing project, and then made sure I remembered to milk Mikey and put a hot compress on her udder and then she got after the dogs for going in the road, and finally, after taking a nap, she served as a soap inspector, even tasting one of the bars. She doesn't recommend eating them, and probably won't try it again!
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