Dog + Cat = Cute

As you can tell, Malachai LOVES the kittens.  He loves the two  grown cats too.  He also loves the goats, the horses, the chickens, and us.  Oh, and he loves his Labrador friend, Onyx, too.

However, he does NOT love the pack of 6 dogs that visits our farm and all the other farms in the neighborhood every single night right before we go to bed.  All by himself he chases off that pack of beagles, toothless hounds, terriers and mutts.

Yep, he keeps us safe.  And all 12 chickens and all the baby goats can sleep peacefully at night, right after Malachai stops barking…which is somewhere around 3am…almost exactly the same time that the roosters begin crowing in earnest.

Yep, sometimes we do get so tired we can sleep through all the nightly ruckus.  It’s work though.

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