Great Soap Cakes!

Okay, so this first one isn’t so great.  But remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that we were working on a new product that was going to be a surprise?  Well, I did a lot of research, bounced a lot of ideas off CG, looked at a lot of pictures…and then could not find the silicone bundt cake bakeware I needed, so bought a square silicone pan instead…

Our new product, as you’ve probably guessed by now is Soap Cakes.  I’ve got a long, long way to go to get these right, but even though I didn’t have the bundt pan I wanted, nor the colors or scents I wanted for the cake, I went ahead and made my first one, just so I could get started on the learning process.

And here it is, in all it’s ummm, glory.

Straight out of the cake pan. No frosting yet.
soap cake
Here it is after it was "frosted". I don't know why in the world I thought the frosting would be thick enough to not run down the sides of the cake. It was a weight issue I believe. I never could get nice frosting on the sides.

I plan to make the cakes for people to buy for wedding showers, parties, graduations, etc.  I’ll provide a nice clear cake cover and pretty paper wrappers or small bags (with my business info of course) for guests to wrap their soap in and take home.

This particular cake will be cut up into small pieces to be given away at the Danville Va Farmers Market as samples.  The cake scent is coconut lime verbena and the frosting is lime essential oil.  It’s a nice, summery blend…too bad my coloring job went so haywire.

I made enough frosting to cover my cake, plus about 4 other cakes if I’d had them.  So, with the leftover lime-scented frosting, I made soap stars.

Soap Stars in their silicone mold.
Soap Stars...I think this picture is a big blurry.

The “Soap Cake” samples will be available this weekend at the market..and depending on how well my fans speed the cure on them, the soap stars might possibly be available too.  The samples of course will be free.  The stars ill be $3.00. They are just a little over 2 oz. I’m planning to do some more of these stars for gift packs.  They really aren’t the right shape for bathing, but they sure are neat to look at, and smell wonderful too.

I wish you all a happy Wednesday!

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