My Track Horse and His Trees

I went out and got a few pictures this morning of Caritas, our off-the-track ex-race horse.  He’s in a pasture all to himself.  (Goes out during the day when I’m home, and back with the herd at night.)

He still needs some weight, but at these camera angles he doesn’t look too bad actually!  He wouldn’t get out of the tall grass long enough for me to get a good picture of his feet.  I’ll try again later.  We just switched his grain from Safe-Choice by Nutrena to Purina Strategy and added the supplement “farriers forumula.”  The sugars in the Safe Choice aren’t any lower than any other feeds, so I don’t know why it’s called “Safe Choice”, and isn’t safe at all for foundered horses.  I’d prefer to use Triple Crown Products, but they are not available in this area any more.  Southern States used to carry them, but switched to AgWay products, which I know nothing about.

Carrot is pretty comfortable walking around, and even running around at times, but does have a little bit of trouble on sharp gravel and divoted areas that have dried, where he’s more careful about where he puts his feet.

Ex-race horse
Caritas and his dogs, Onyx and Malachai.
ex-race horse
ex-race horse
Caritas...he was just turned out so of course, he wouldn't lift his head for a picture!
ex-race horse
Caritas. This pasture won't hold goats....yet. We need the goats out here to eat down these young, tender, trees and briars. Once they turn woody, they're not nearly as palatable.
Virginia Trees
A few of the trees in the pasture.
bad fencing job
This is some of whats left of the fencing I still need to replace. This actually doens't look so bad. A lot of the fencing was saggy barbed wire. At least this is somewhat tight. Most of it is attached to trees, some of it is so old that big trees have grown around it, meaning I'll have to leave the wire in the trees, but cut it flush. I really dislike that idea, but short of cutting the tree down, there's nothing else to be done.

I wish you all a happy Monday!

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  1. Don’t feel too bad Anita. My Standardbred is the same way – slow to gain. He has been on a high fat textured feed and a 12% pellet with alfalfa hay and orchard grass hay all spring. Now, finally shed out and shiny, he’s looking better every day. Winter was hard on these high metabolism horses. My Walker and my Arab don’t have the same weight issues as this Standardbred, so some of it is just plain breeding. Summer is here!


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