One week RAW!

Well, I was trying to avoid detox, but it caught up with me!  I’ve been feeling lightheaded and pretty weak, even eating over 2000 calories per day (an estimate) and not all raw!

I made some chevre yesterday (from raw goats milk of course) and ate a little last night, but apparently it’s not toxic enough to get me back off the detox track!

Exercise seems to help.  Yesterday I trimmed a couple of draft horses and then a couple of other horses and felt great.  Then I went and cut CG’s yard at the house he’s trying to sell.  I started slowing down after that and by the time I met him over at his rental to help with the yard work over there I was positively dragging butt.

So I left and went around the corner  to Fresh Air, the health food store in Lynchburg, and picked up some seeds and nuts and dates and a few organic avacodos.  I ordered the auger for my Samson Juicer, and can make nut/seed butters with it once the auger arrives.

My broken auger. I broke one of the spirals off when I used a fork or something to push something I was juicing down into the juicer. It came with a plunger especially designed for that. Next time, I'll use it!

Sunday I bought some kale and cut the leaves off the stalks and then cut those leaves up very tiny and added ground almonds, olive oil, some salt and two limes.  I let it wilt for about an hour on the counter before eating and it was totally awesome.  It lasted two days but now is gone.  Darn.

My ExCalibur Food Dehydrator doesn’t know it, but it’s about ready to come out of retirement too.   A mouse chewed the cord soon after I bought it years ago and it still works, but I’ll have to get CG to fix the cord.  It makes me nervous.  And it needs some serious cleaning.  It’s been in the shed, the garage, upstairs, downstairs, under the stairs, and now it’s a shelf for something else.

It makes fantastic flax and other seed crackers.  MMM, something tasty to spread my chevre on.

Oh, it also was used as a soap dehydrator…There’s probably quite a few soap flakes left in it too!

Around the farm CG got my fence posts planted so I can hang up a real gate!  I’m so excited about having a real gate.  The other gates are electric and the electricity has to be turned off before you can open or close them.  (they were only designed to be very temporary).  Now I just have to get out and buy my new metal gate.

In the picture below you can see the two fence posts, and then another smaller wooden post off to the left side, which was already there and we decided to leave it there. This will be a walk-thru for the goats.  I’m putting a small gate here, which can be opened or closed and will allow the goats to go out into the pasture with the horses if they want to, but won’t allow the horses access to the goat area where they have their alfalfa and feeds.  I’m not sure a heavy bred doe will fit through the pass-thru, but right now they can walk through it. I’ll run an electric wire over it too, just to keep horse heads out of it.

My new gate posts.

I have to go out today and pound about 3 more t-posts and then string up some wire, and the horses can then go out on this pasture.  I’ll also be able to plant in the garden as I’m fencing that OUT of the horse pasture.  I still need to take down some of the fencing and replace it.  Almost all of the rest of the fence, back in the woods and along the road uses trees as fenceposts.  Over the long run, the trees grow and fall down and get defaced by the wire, so I’m cutting it all off of the trees and giving the trees back their freedom!

Happy Wednesday!

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