To Market To Market

Saturday turned out to be another great market day.  Of course, meeting lots of wonderful people is always fun for me, but seeing folks returning to the market week after week, buying from their favorite vendors, (including me…yippi), is really what the whole market concept is all about.

I’ve had a lot of great feedback as well as great ideas from people to make my business better.  Several market customers have told me that they shop the market for unique gifts to put in baskets for people in their churches, communities, etc.  Women who’ve just had babies, people who’ve been sick, depressed, gone for a long time, etc.  I think that’s just a wonderful idea and great way to share the farmers markets with people who might not be able to get down and see the market weekly.

I’ve had lots of requests for soaps I don’t currently stock such as tea tree, (should be a staple in every soapers product line), patchouli, lemongrass, clary sage, blackberry ( I used to make a lovely blackberry sage, but my supplier is no longer living and I have not found another…yet), and more.  I also get requests for facial soaps and lotions, made specifically for the face, as well as more smaller soaps.  Right now I’m cutting some of my bars in half and packaging the same as the big bars and sell lots and lots of those. And of course, I’m always needing samples.

So, this will be a busy week trying to fill in the gaps and get a little more organized with the soap business.  Also have several buck kids I need to move out, so if you know anyone that needs a big, healthy buck that will be plenty big enough to do his stuff this fall..send them my way, I’m ready to make a deal on these boys!

Here are a few pictures of my market tables I took this weekend.  I bought green tablecloths with a grass-type print for a summery look and of course, I’ve got my palm trees in the background.  I need to get more shelves so people can look at things more at eye level.

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