Tonya Zavasta…Beautiful On Raw

I first read Tonya’s books several years ago when I was a confirmed raw hermit.  Tonya had a debilitating hip deformation as a child.  Her story is inspiring and intriguing.  She has wrote a new book called “Quantum Eating.”  I have not read that one yet, but I’ll be it’s even better than her first two.

Tonya is obsessed with discovering ways to help stop our bodies from aging prematurely, wearing out, and getting disease.  She has really done her research and is probably the only person who has delved this deeply into the subject with a keen interest in how raw foods and eating earlier in the day, as opposed to a standard diet or even a regular vegetarian diet and late night eating.

The following link is to her blog.  She’s got a lot of amazing stories on it.  It’s all quite interesting.  Take a look, I’m sure  you’ll enjoy it.

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