Tea Tree And Patchouli Oils Just In

I finally got my tea tree and patchouli oils in and will be soaping these this week.  Talk about expensive oils!  I only ordered 8oz of the patchouli…I really don’t know how many people actually want this soap.  I get about one request per week, and I’ve never soaped with it, so I’ll have to see how it goes before I order more.

The tee tree  I get constant requests for and really should have had it all along.  I plan to do a pet bar with it also.  It’ll probably be just my basic recipe, but I may add some pine and eucalyptus and peppermint too.  My dog smells great after his peppermint/eucalyptus bath.  He normally smells atrocious.  I’ll have to say I can actually pet him now without my hands reeking and needing a good washing!

The lemongrass I ordered is on backorder and they didn’t give me a time frame. Hopefully it will be soon.  People seem to really like those citrusy scents in the summer time.  Plus they help keep bugs away.

The girls managed to lock themselves in their shed today.  When I came home from Lynchburg they were screaming to get out.  All except Alicia.  She was lying under some shade trees calmly chewing her cud and looking positively delighted.  I would not be the least bit surprised if she was the one who shut the door and locked them in.  They aren’t very nice to her at times and would have served them right.

And they are hollering now for their evening milking. Happy rest of this Monday!

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