the a list affair

the a list affair.

The A List Affair is a new emerging platform for the bloggy types that help us get our blogs out there into blogosphere.  To be included in the A-List a blogger must write a short post explaining why they think their blog should be included on the a list affair.  If  you’ve got a blog, head on over and enter today.  It closes on the 28th of June, but you’ve still got time.

Okay, A-list folks, here is my short list of why I think my blog should be included on the A- list.

I went to college to study writing, creative and otherwise.  I dropped out to become a raw foodist hermit and to be able to play with my horses all day when I wasn’t working at my job making salty snacks and fun foods.  Blogging lets me unleash that writerly soul inside of me once or twice a day.  Hey, it’s not the great work of fiction art I’d planned, but it’s something, and that’s better than nothing.

My blog covers a lot of subjects, mostly surrounding my little farm.  We’re trying to be green here, although I think it’s much harder than it seems.  We’re composting, rotating pastures, drinking raw goats milk, knitting slippers, and the list goes on….and I’m blogging about it all.

In addition to the farm and all the weird animals we have here, I also have my own goats milk soap and natural hoof care businesses.  I blog about those too.  Mostly the soap stuff, but sometimes I blog about horse feet too, although I might be the only person I know, besides my clients, that find that interesting.

And the very last reason I think I should be on the A- list is because I’m a nice person, and doesn’t that count for something?


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  1. I love your post and how you’re tracking your weight loss from eating raw! I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t…but our goal in our house is to super-eliminate processed and packaged foods from our diets. So far we’re doing pretty well~

    Thanks for supporting our new site, TBC! I’m enjoying reading some new blogs! Gigi


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