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Happy 5th of July.  It’s my daughters 19th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Shannon!

Besides just being the birthday of my daughter, it’s also a GREAT day for a couple of other reasons.  Yesterday I got home kind of late from trimming horses….around 7pm.  I wanted to make sure I got home and got chores finished before firework time.  We live about 1 mile up the road from the only local fireworks display in the area and it’s a big deal here.  The horses had never been that close to any fireworks so I wanted to be sure and be here to keep an eye on them.

Well, I got here while it was still light.  CG had hot dogs and hamburgers ready on the grill…nope now raw burgers, but hey, it’s the fourth.  I was STARVING!  We ate dinner and then went out to do chores.  I was milking the last goat…and the sky was still light, when the fireworks started going off.

I got Mikey milked…no feet in the bucket either despite all the sudden noise, and CG was just giving the horses hay then too.  They ran around a little, but once he threw out their hay, they settled right down and ate without incident.  Except Caritas.  He’s in his own paddock and he did NOT like the noise.  We could only see a little of the firework lights.  They were kind of off down through the woods and were just barely visible through the trees, but we could hear them well.

As I was coming up from milking CG asked if I had seen Malachi, which I had not.  He had saw him running across the yard when the fireworks started. We called and called.  No Malachi.  We finished chores and then CG took the truck out looking for him up and down the road. The traffic was crazy.  This is a quiet road, but on the forth, there are hundreds of cars driving up and down the road and some of them are driving very, very fast, and some of the drivers are drunk.  We worried about our dog.

While CG was looking for Malachi, I checked on my guinea chicks.  They seemed kind of quiet.  When I looked in their pen, I saw one of my babies hanging upside down from a fold in the chicken wire, and instead of being six chicks, there were only 3.

I quickly got the one chick disentangled and brought all three of them inside.  We decided it was that possum that had been visiting us that must have pulled the other three chicks out of the pen the night before.  I had been in too big of a hurry yesterday morning to check on them.

I was broken hearted because I loved my little guineas’ and always hate it when something bad happens to things.

Well, I went to bed around midnight and fell asleep, only to be awakened about 30 minutes later by CG who wanted me to come out and look at Amira…plus Malachi had come home!    Amira, who had had a colic episode a couple of weeks ago, turned out to be fine.  CG had been outside calling Malachi and he said all of a sudden the big white dog came running up out of the woods.  We’d been calling him for 3 or 4 hours.  He must have ran a long way.  Poor thing.  We didn’t even think about tying him up or putting  him in the goat pen for the duration of the display. But, we were happy, and he was happy to be back home and promptly finished his half-eaten dinner.

This morning I got up  and looked out the window like I always do to check on the horses.  There, out in the pasture, were my three little GUINEA CHICKS.  They were pecking and digging around in the dirt and were happy as could be!  My little babies hadn’t got eaten by a possum!  I don’t know where they had been hiding, I had looked everywhere I could think of  with no luck.  But there they were.  The hard part was catching them, but I got it done and they are all inside the house until I can get their pen fortified.


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  1. HB and I went with his parents and sister’s family to the fireworks and I was hoping everyone was okay at your house! It was crazy to hear the fireworks rebounding off the train tracks and river.

    I’m glad everyone is safe and sound and that Malachai returned! I wonder if your little guineas have learned to roost in the trees? Our friend’s guineas get really high up in a big tree at night.


  2. I was so surprised they started as early as they did…it didn’t even look dark enough and we weren’t ready! The guineas are only a couple of weeks old. They must have been hiding under something although I looked every where I could think of. I was especially upset because one of the three babies that was left in the pen was dangling upside down with his leg tangled in the chicken wire. I thought he had been there like that since the night before. He’s absolutely fine today. I put some neosporin on the leg and although it was swollen up and he couldn’t walk last night, you can’t even tell anything happened today. I didn’t get their pen fixed…so they are still in the living room. They are happily eating watermelon at the moment, but I’m sure it’s not the same as digging outside in the dirt!


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