Va. Heat

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We’ve got it!  Anyone want it?  I was out trimming some horses today, inside their shelter to get out of the sun.  I had not known it was THAT hot.  With no air flow, the air is absolutely stifling.  Remember how all those people on the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” looked…all droopy and sweaty and exasperated looking?  Well, that’s what I looked like today.  Not a square inch of dry clothes, shoes, hair…nothing!

After I finished I stopped at a store to get a fountain drink with ice.  Oh, it was sooooo good!  Then about an hour later (2 hour drive)…I got thirsty again and stopped for another.  I had brought water with me, but forgot my cooler so the water was just as hot as the air and not refreshing at all!

It doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better any time soon.  Most of the pastures have dried up and are brown and shrinking.  Close to home, it had stayed pretty green, but now we are drying out too.  I actually saw something today I’ve only rarely seen in Va. and that was a farmer irrigating his tobacco crop.  This is the only farm I know that irrigates, although I’m sure there are others…I wonder where the water was coming from?

Nobody is really set up here for irrigation, I guess it’s because we normally get a good rainfall during the growing season, compared to other places that do irrigate.  We have lots of rivers and creeks, and it seems as if certain crops could be helped a lot with a little irrigation now and then.  But, then again, I grew up next to a river, and the pipe from the river to the garden was pretty short.  Maybe economically it doesn’t make sense to pump water out of the rivers for irrigation.  I’m sure the fish appreciate that.  And maybe there is less fertilizer run off into the streams without irrigation.

But, since I know next to nothing about irrigation and the intricacies of that…let me tell you about something I DO know about.   And that something is that here in Va. we have some hellaciously big spiders and they are MEAN!

The other night I went to the pump to turn on the water to fill the troughs and there was a HUGE spider sitting there on top of the pump house, above the water handle,  sunning himself in the glow of my headlamp.  He refused to move, so I grabbed a manure fork and pushed it at him, hoping he’d run off.  Nope!  He LUNGED at the thing.  I didn’t want to smash it because that really would have been gross and made my stomach turn….so I just carefully, while keeping one eye on him, bent down and turned on the water.  He watched me and I watched him.

He didn’t try to kill me, but after I stood up he spread his legs out farther and moved his body back and forth, getting himself more comfortable for the night watch.  I went in the house to get the camera, because I knew nobody would believe that there was a s pider this big in Va., but CG had the camera in the truck…so I didn’t get my picture…darn.  It would have been a good one!

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