More Soaps in the Oven

Ahhhh, here’s what I’ve been waiting to do…Kefir and Salt Bars!  They are turning out beautiful so far.  I realized at the last moment that I didn’t have room in my freezer for the big mold, so had to stick it in the oven with the heat OFF!  What was I thinking?  There was NO problem with them getting too hot at all.  The kefir/lye mixture did turn a bit darker than the milk usually does, but I think that was because of the extra nutrients in the kefir as compared to milk.

The scents are, from left to right, Tea Tree and Orange,  a Kitchen Sink Bar with finely ground organic coffee beans and blueberry seeds, scented with orange and dragons blood, (it smells like chocolate), and  an Orange and Patchouli Bar.

I’m thinking these will be ready to package within a week, so if you want one, let me know!  I’ll be making full batches of everything soon.  I had gotten so understocked in everything that I had to do a lot of different scents quickly.  Tomorrow it will be Love Spell for sure, and then I may have to wait for a shipment of lye before I can make any more.  (It’s always something).

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