What Is That Pecking Noise?

I kept hearing loud pecking noises while trying to get stuff done this morning.  It was very strange and I couldn’t figure it out.  I’ve still got the guinea chicks inside, but the only thing they had to peck on was a half a watermelon and a dish of food.

So, I when I went to check it out, this is what I found.

If the guineas look wet, it's because they ARE wet. They were wading in their watermelon and are covered in watermelon juice! Good thing it's not winter or I'd have to use the hairdryer to dry them.

Four of the goofy looking guineas had jumped out of their box and were pecking like crazy on the firewood next to their temporary house.  It probably did have bugs in it.  This time of year everything has bugs in it!  I was even attacked in my bed last night by a disgruntled horse fly, who was in the process of trying to commit suicide by hurling itself from one wall to the next and then smashing into me on my bed.  He wasn’t having much success at the suicide mission, so I helped him out a little.

SUCCESS!  And I could finally sleep.

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