What’s Worse, Spiders or Snakes?

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to ponder this question lately.  First it was the giant spiders, now we have a black snake living under the feed barrels down in one of the old sheds we’re using for the goats…which doesn’t bother me too much…he also has a mate.    But now we’ve got a copperhead too!

Night before last my cat was playing with one of those really cool bugs that make a lot of noise…a katydid or locust…not sure which, and then last night I went down to milk later than normal and heard a lot of rattling behind the nest boxes in the chicken shed.  The cat was watching behind them intently and I thought there must be another one of those bugs back there.  I think they’re so cute.

But nope, it wasn’t a bug.  It was a snake.  And it was shaking it’s tail.  I called my son, the snake expert to help me identify it.  It was brown with mottling.  He told me if it had a skinny neck with an arrow shaped head, it was a copperhead.  Well, it did and so it was, but I didn’t kill it because all I had for a weapon was a bucket of grain.

When I got back up to the house I looked on the internet to make sure I was identifying the snake correctly before I decided what to do about it, if anything.

It was definitely a copperhead, and I’m certainly not a snake hater or killer…I think they have their important place.  But this morning, my last chick drowned in the horse water trough (got to figure out how to keep that from happening) and I was saddened by that, and then while looking for the snake this morning, I found a hen with four newly hatched babies.  We’re still got a lot of junk lurking in the woods, and a plethora of black widow spiders and now the snakes…kind of gives me the willies…..

Anyway, I guess the spiders are worse than the snakes in my opinion, but I still need to decide what to do about the venomous ones.  Do I kill him before he kills my chicks, or bites the cat, dog, goats, etc?  Or do I hope he will just go away?  I sure would hate to put my hand down in something and have a copperhead bite me.

Oh, the dilemma’s of country living!  I’m open to suggestions!

This is not the one in our yard, but looks just like it.
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2 thoughts on “What’s Worse, Spiders or Snakes?

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  1. Kill the venomous ones. The black snakes usually keep the others away. But I guess that’s not necessarily so on a large place like a farm. Are the black snakes in or near the barn? They need to be.


  2. I’m thinking I’ll probably kill the bad ones. The black snake stays under the feed bins in a shed used by the goats that’s quite a ways from the house and hopefully he’ll keep out the copperhead. The copperhead was in a different shed that is only used by the chickens when they decide they want to lay an egg in a nest box where I can find it. I searched and searched today and didn’t find the snake, but found a mother hen and her chicks which I gathered up and placed safely near the house in a private pen where they can’t jump into the water trough and hopefully not get eaten by a snake.


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