A Little Bird Fell Out of His Nest

Today I was outside doing a little “guinea chick rearranging” and found two dead baby birds in the yard.  One of them was REALLY tiny, and the other was normal sized.  Malachai started chasing something that was jumping, and it turned out to be ANOTHER baby bird!

The mother was frantic about it, but the nest is way up in a tall tree and none of my ladders are tall enough to reach, so I brought it inside.

Don’t know what a baby bird is supposed to eat so I gave it some goats milk from an eye dropper.  I guess I have to chop up some bugs….that just doesn’t sound fun.

This little guy has some feathers, but is no where near ready to fly.  I mainly brought it inside to keep it from dying in the heat and the mother being so frantic about it.  It’s jumping all over the place which I guess is how they all happened to fall out of the nest.  I did not see a nest anywhere, so I’m assuming the thing is still up in the tree.

I’m not very good at saving baby birds.  At least we don’t have any cats living in the house to eat it.

I raised a bat once.  I named it Shelby.  It did great and grew well…until it got out and the cat ate it.  I was so sad.

This little bird is about the size of fifty cent piece.  The mother was a very tiny little thing, barely bigger than a hummingbird.

Maybe I can do something with it.  I suppose I’ll have to look up the best solution for food and housing.  I wish it had a buddy.  I thought about putting it under the mother hen, but since chickens don’t feed their babies I’m just guessing that would be a pretty bad idea.

Anybody want a baby bird to try and take care of?

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