Missing Cell Phone

Somewhere between the hours of 8am and 9am yesterday, July 11, 2010, I managed to lose my cell phone so thoroughly that in two days of searching, it has not yet been found.

We don’t have a regular house phone anymore.  We tried to get one when we moved here, but every number we tried to call was long distance, so we told them to take it back.

Not only is my phone lost, it’s also dead, and it’s so dead that it won’t even sound out a text message or an alarm.  Now, that’s dead.

I had ruined the screen on it anyway and needed a new one.

But I didn’t want to buy it this week because I also need new tires for my trip to Charlotte on Saturday.  I’m going to a hoof casting clinic.  It’s already paid for.

So, if anyone out there is physic and knows where my cell phone is, please email me and let me know.

I’ll be waiting.

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