The Bird Died

The little bird who fell out of the tree on Saturday seemed to be doing pretty good.  He was feathering out and singing like crazy all the time.  I had to take him everywhere with me so I didn’t miss a feeding.  I nearly wore myself out.

I thought we’d finally got somewhere yesterday morning. He had started to sit on my finger and was chirping up a storm whenever I walked by.

He accepted me as his adopted mum.

I was somewhat pleased about that.

I  stopped by the pet store Sunday for some worms or something for him to eat and they talked me into feeding him dog food soaked in milk, along with the egg yolks, and even gave me a number to a rehabilitation place that I was only too happy to take the bird to.

Anyway, everything seemed set.  The bird was happy.  He eagarly opened his mouth for food whenever I walked by.  He was pooping like normal.  And then..without warning…he croaked.

I came back in the house after milking the goats and he was lying there on his side, feet in the air.

I couldn’t believe the little chirper would up and die on me like that when things seemed to be going so well.

I never have had luck with baby birds.  I can raise just about anything else, but not birds.  Maybe he had a hematoma in his brain from falling from the nest that looked to be about 100 feet in the air.  His brothers had already died.  Maybe it just took this little bird a little longer to kick the bird bath.

I still haven’t found my cell phone, and I couldn’t talk sprint into giving me a loaner or a free cheapo phone, although I tried pretty hard.  They did offer me a phone for $20 bucks but I would have to sign a new contract binding me for another year.

I guess the lady in the store hadn’t talked to the same lady I talked to last week on the phone who was trying to get rid of me as a customer because I use too many roaming minutes.  My roaming minutes are “free” and unlimited with my plan.  I thought unlimited meant “unlimited”.  Apparently, unlimited does not always mean “unlimited” but sometimes means something else like “unlimited within limits” or something like that.

I’m still seeking a physic phone finder.

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