Featured Artisian: Sharon Waddey of Sha-Lee Accessories

handmade jewelry
Hand-crafted necklaces.

Since part of what makes my life great is all the people in it, especially those that are artistically inclined, I’ve decided to feature an Artist or Home-Based business entrepreneur, small farmer, etc. at least once a week.  If you have a small business, making your own products,  please email me with the details and I might decide to feature YOU!

This weeks featured artist is a new friend of mine named Sharon Waddey of Sha-Lee Accessories.  Sharon sells her beautiful jewelry at the Farmers Market in Danville.

Sharon creates one-of-a-kind pieces to complement any outfit you own.  Each piece is handcrafted individually and she services after the sale.

Each necklace has a matching pair of earrings and they can be purchased together very reasonably.  Most earring/necklace sets are around $15 dollars!

Sharon also makes beautiful bracelets, pendant necklaces, t-shirt necklaces, brooches, and more.  She also does custom work, so shoot her an email if there is something you’d like her to make for you.

Her email is: pt4pop@hotmail.com

You can see her Jewelry shop at Sha-lee.artfire.com

Handmade Jewelry, t-shirt necklace, martha stewart
T-shirt necklaces. Made with or without a matching Pendant. Lovely and unique!
Handmade Earrings
Hand-crafted earrings. Any color or style you want!
Handmade jewelry
Necklace/earring set.
Handmade Jewelry
Necklace/earring set.

handmade jewelry, handmade braclets, beads
Handmade Bracelets
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