Caritas Loses a Shoe

When we put the EVA shoes on Caritas, my glue gun had gummed up and would not work, and it was getting dark, and I couldn’t figure out what to do about gluing, so we opted not to glue.  I had a feeling that the shoes might not stay on without the glue.

If Caritas had a more bell shaped foot, or more distortion in it, the shoe probably would have held on just fine, but his feet have a pretty good shape to them now, and so this morning I looked out the window and there was his right shoe, lying beside his food dish.  Darn.

CG needed to get to work, and since my casts turn out better when I have a helper, I opted to duct tape it back on.

Unfortunately, the shoe would not go back on his foot, so I put an easyboot glove with a 6mm pad on him instead, just to even him up. I’ll have to wait until CG gets home and then we’ll reapply the EVA shoe with a new cast.  Probably a 3 inch with glue this time instead of the 2 inch.

easyboots, natural hoof care, eva shoes, hoof casting
An EVA shoe on the left front, and an Easyboot Glove on the right.

Hopefully I can figure out how to get these things to stay on for at least a 4 week trim cycle.  I think they really are a very valuable tool, especially for foundered and laminitic horses.  The combination of thick padding and the casting, which reduces chatter and damage within the hoof wall during periods of inflammation, is just a great idea.

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