Ticks Contribute to the Loss of a Cell Phone

Even though our spring here in Va. dawned wet and tick filled, I haven’t had a tick on me now almost all summer.  I have been praising the chickens for doing a marvelous tick-removal job.  Yesterday however, I decided I needed to move some goat fence to open up another section of good browse for the goats.

Great idea.  Wrong time of year!

About the time I realized I had my hands on not a tree, but on the leaves growing out of the poison ivy vines growing UP the tree…I started itching.

At first I thought it was the poison ivy…but it was a little soon for that.  And it wasn’t my hands that itched, it was my stomach.

I pulled up my shirt and found that while traipsing through the thick underbrush, I had come across a nest of teeny, tiny baby ticks and they were all over my stomach, crawling into my pants at the waist, on my arms, my back, my chest, and in my hair.

tick-infested underbrush in virginia, weeds for goats
The goats adore this thick underbrush, and we have quite a bit of it, but it's a hot spot for all kinds of things that creep and crawl! For some reason, the goats do not seem to have much problem with ticks. I've probably only found 3 or 4 ticks on the goats in the last couple of years. The ticks LOVE humans, horses and dogs, however!

They were a little too small to gross me out, but I could see that this was going to be a problem, so I finished putting up the fence so the goats wouldn’t be all over the front porch and came up to the house to figure out what to do.

I really didn’t even want to go into the house, and although I know the country laws out here are a little more relaxed than in the city, especially since we only have one police officer, I really didn’t think I wanted to run around naked outside, so I went in and took my clothes off in the laundry room and threw them straight into the washing machine with plenty of home made laundry soap and bleach.

After that I went into the bathroom and tried to get as many of the ticks off of me as I could, which was hard because they looked like grains of sand and my near eyesight isn’t all that good anymore.

About the time I got most of the ticks off and decided to take a shower, I realized I didn’t know where my cell phone was.  Hmm, I thought maybe I’d left it in my pants pocket of the pants I’d put in the wash.  I checked, but nope.  So, I looked everywhere else and couldn’t find it and I was really itching at this point so I decided to look in the bottom of the washing machine and BINGO!  I found it! I had been in such a hurry to wash my clothes I forgot to check my pockets!

Nope, it doesn’t work anymore, so if you need to call me, go ahead, but leave a message.  I can call and get my messages.  Or send me an email, or leave a reply on this post.  Or come to my house and tell me how sorry you feel for me. Or, if I know you, I can give you CG’s number and you can call him.

By the way, “Off” tick repellent DOESN’T  kill ticks if applied once they are attached to you.  I don’t think anything kills them at that  point.  Except fire.  We put them on pieces of toilet paper and flushed them down the toilet.  Poor CG, he spent about an hour pulling those things off of me.  Did I mention they are hard to see? I think they made a country song about that.  I’ll have to find it for him.

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