Where Have All the Eggs Gone? Well, Now I know!

For all these hens we have….still free roaming of course….(I have been meaning to confine them at least to a “chicken pasture),” the eggs are few and far between.  Granted, some of the hens are a little older than the rest and lay fewer eggs,  (I only assume this as I have no idea who is laying what).

Well, last night I found out what was happening to at least some of those eggs.  This was an old egg.  One the dogs had missed, and was in an egg box the chickens don’t use.  I was glad to see my buddy in there, keeping copperheads away.  Still, he startled me a little.

black snake, egg-eating snake, chickens, homesteading
By the time I got my camera from the house, the snake had turned it's head away from me. You have to look close, but it's got a very large egg in it's mouth.

This snake has decided to grace our farm with it’s nearly constant charm.  For about a week I was able to see it daily, underneath the feed cans which are set up on pallets.  This snake makes me feel somewhat safe from copperheads so I want it to stay.  If it eats a few eggs, that’s fine.  So far, it hasn’t touched my chicks.  If it did, I might have to carry him away.

I need a name for this snake.  I don’t know if it’s male or female, so maybe something generic would do. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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