Heat Index of 105!

I burned myself opening my car door.

Three of my lotions exploded in the car.  Ummmm, I knew I forgot SOMETHING yesterday…they are supposed to be stored in the house!

The water is evaporating out of the troughs faster than the animals can drink it.

It’s not going very far though.  You can see the water vapors hanging in the air.  Stick out your tongue and get a drink!

The dogs have buried themselves under the house.  They aint coming out for NOTHIN!

I have to stuff my bra to keep the sweat from dripping down my chest and making me itch like crazy!

The horse flies are dazed and confused…even more than normal.

All the cows I pass in pastures are standing in the middle of their ponds…if they are lucky enough to have ponds.  The rest of them are dead.  Or appear to be anyway.

My eggs are going bad before I can get them out of the nests…going bad or turning into chicks…not sure which is worse upon opening them.

The chickens are walking around with their wings stretched out and panting.

Even the cats are panting.  Seriously.  It’s THAT hot!

CG’s truck broke down on the way to work this morning. He had to have it towed out of an intersection.  The only thing wrong with it was a BURNT wire!  Imagine that.

Life with no air conditioning might not be life at all.

I’m on the fence about that one.  If I fall off I hope it is into a swimming pool.

My computer is overheating..

My phone was working a little, but soon as the temp. rose to above ninety, it stopped.  I drove 60 miles out of my way to pick up CG at the auto shop.  But, he’d already gone…burnt wire replaced.  Funny thing is my phone worked when he called and said the truck died, but wouldn’t work when he tried to call and tell me he got it fixed.

I got a new phone, but it’s refusing to activate itself.  It keeps switching to sleep  mode.

Or maybe the humidity is getting to it.

The clothes on the line aren’t drying.  And I washed our blanket.  I had to buy a new thin cotton one.  Hopefully  the bed will seem less like a sauna bench tonight.  Although if the blanket doesn’t dry….heck, I don’t know, maybe we’ll just sleep outside.  That’s what people back “in the day” used to do on their sleeping porches.

I doubt our back  porch would hold the two of us.  It’s a little, um, rickity.

The computer is slow as molasses in January.  The buttons keep lighting up.  Don’t know if that means overheating explosion about to happen or what.  Don’t think that I’ve seen that before.

We have to keep off all the lights in the house to keep it under 90.  It didn’t work out so well last night.  We had to have the lights on to chase the wasp and horsefly out before we went to bed.  Last time I looked at the thermometer in the bedroom it said 90.5.

I refuse to look at it again.

The goats have almost stopped producing.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before.  That’s how I know it’s hot.  The goats never drop production except in extended periods of rain.  The good part was I didn’t have to milk before market this morning.  The bad  part is….well, the bad part is that as long as their production is down I know it’s MISERABLY HOT.  And I’m ready for some cool about now.

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