Cooler Than Normal Temperatures

When I checked the thermometer in the bedroom this morning, it read 65 degrees….or some ridiculous number like that.  Our thin cotton blanket certainly wasn’t adequate for those temperatures, and my feet were frozen.

I immediately thought the fire had gone out.

Then I remembered that it was July, and we were in the middle of a heat-wave!

Saturday night CG commented that one of the outlets in the bedroom was on a separate breaker from the rest of the house, so we brought in an old window unit I’d had when I lived in the city and installed it in one of the bedroom windows and plugged it up, carefully duct-taping around any potential bug-entry sites.

This morning, unbelievably, it was still running, and it was COLD in the bedroom.  But, it was soooo nice.

I had stopped using the thing years ago when we bought a bigger unit and then moved to a house with central air.  I kept meaning to throw it away.  I can’t believe it even works!

Well, I have to say, it made a world of difference to our comfort level yesterday evening and last night.  It doesn’t cool the whole house, but I found a few more fans in the garage and so the rest of the house has been more comfortable too.  So far we haven’t blown any breakers.  We didn’t think we could run an air conditioning unit with our current wiring still in place.

I need an extra freezer for milk.  I guess I could put that in the bedroom too?

But wow.  How nice to sleep comfortable all night, (despite needing a winter blanket).

It’s true, it really is the little things in life that make it less miserable!


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