Straight Talk Phones From Walmart…Seems To Be a Good Deal

It’s been about 3 days since I got my new Straight Talk phone from Walmart.  I didn’t want to post about it too soon in case it turned out to be a bad deal, but CG and I both have one now and so far everything is working out great.  We get good coverage here at our home.  It’s not perfect, but it’s at least as good as Sprint was.

We got two phones that look and act much like a Blackberry.  They have the typewriter style keypad, large viewing screen, internet connection, etc.  Our “plan” includes unlimited texts, minutes and internet use, plus free 411 calls.  (Ever been out of town without a phone book and needed a number?  Happens to me all the time, and Sprint charged $1.75 per call!)  We pay $45 per month per phone.  That is about $40 dollars less per month than Sprint was charging us, plus we didn’t have to sign a contract, with no early termination fees.  The phones were each $109, which is the regular price.  Not the price after mail in rebates that take a year to get, or the inflated prices we’d have to pay if we wanted to change phones before our contract was up, in which case we’d have to sign yet ANOTHER two year contract!

Have I mentioned lately that I was EXTREMELY  dissatisfied with the service we had gotten from Sprint?  Well, now I can breath a sigh of relief knowing there will not be any mysterious charges on my bill each month.

If we didn’t need all that in a phone we could have gone with the lower priced plan which is $30 per month and you get 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 30mgb of internet usage, which they told me was equal to about 30 pages.  The lower priced phones were about $39 dollars.  The $39 dollar phone is a nice flip phone with a large phone key pad.  Very easy to see and use.

So, that’s one less thing to stress about.  Course, I still haven’t really figured the phone out yet and have not set up my voicemail…so if you’ve left a message, I’m afraid I have not got it yet. You may have to send me an email or comment to this post!

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  1. Like you, I am a former customer of Sprint, and was pretty dissatisfied with the service. I was constantly dropping calls and having signal issues. Plus, there were all the surprise fees that cropped up on my bill every month, regardless of how careful I was about my minutes. I made the switch to Straight Talk, and have never looked back! I have been very pleased with the signal strength and with the all-inclusive $45 unlimited plan.


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