The Milk Controversy…A1 verses A2 Milk

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat, show clip, in milk
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Ever do any research on milk and types of milks available to us?

Convinced that all milk is bad?

Well, that of course would not be true…and recently there have been several scientific books published shedding light on some of the differences between milks, including species, feed, lifestyle, and even what types of proteins are available in milk from various cows.

Goats, so I’ve read, ALL produce milk that is A2, which is very, very good.

Some cows also produce milk that is A2, but somehow, a few thousand years ago, a genetic mutation occured that caused cows to begin producing milk that is A1 in type.  This type of milk has been linked to all sorts of human diseases.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy the link, which is to a book written on the subject, but if you scroll down you can get a little info on it too.

If anyone has any other links that they would like to share, please send them on to me so I can post them here.

Just another reason to drink goats milk!

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