Okay, I’m Mad…guest post by Ciara, the goat

Will somebody please help me?  No one here is listening to me.

When I was born I was very little.  Exactly 1/2 the size of my jug-headed brother.  My people here loved me very much and I got to go everywhere with them for a long time.

When I got bigger, and started jumping out of my box and peeing on the sofa, well, they didn’t like that much so I had to start spending the night in the pen with my brothers and sisters.  They were nice to me, but I didn’t really like them much.  Still don’t.

During the day I was allowed to roam the whole property free range.  I got to go eat with the horses, go in the garage any time I wanted and eat whatever grain I wanted, even the horse grain.  They wouldn’t let me eat the chick starter though.  I really liked that stuff.

I took naps under the back porch with the dogs,  greeted company when they came,  and chased chickens whenever I wanted.

I am well-behaved, they say, for a goat.  I come when called, I am very good about having my feet trimmed and taking medicine.  I don’t jump up with muddy feet and I stay off of the porch furniture and the cars.

So, I have NOT been able to figure out why I am now out FULL-TIME with those big goats with huge udders and my four sisters.  I just want to get out of here.  They are mean to me.  I don’t like them and I’m sad and MAD!

Can someone please help get me out of here?

This was me in June. I was happy. I could do whatever I wanted. WHAT HAPPENED?
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One thought on “Okay, I’m Mad…guest post by Ciara, the goat

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  1. Yes, Ciara has moved to a bigger pasture with more goats! I HAD to let her spend the past week out there, with her sisters as I had just combined two pastures together and also two groups of goats. I didn’t want her to feel left out at night or when I leave and have to put her back out with the other girls. I’ve missed her so much! In the smaller pen I would feed the other girls and she would jump around and follow me to the gate. As soon as I opened it she would race into the garage and eat her fill of whatever she wanted. (No chicken starter though…bad for goats). The rest of the time she would graze by herself out in the big empty pasture, (where all the girls get to go now), eat the thick grass in the yard, (but she likes dry leaves and weeds better), and then go take a nap under the house with the dogs.

    My neighbor did come and warn me that Ciara had been seen out in the road following the dogs a couple of times….now, we can’t have that! Her dog is on lockdown now though, in a pen with the buck goats…no more roaming….so Ciara will probably stay away from the road.

    Next week, when I’m home, she’ll get to come back out and be my favorite buddy! I can’t wait!


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