Pushing Through The August Heat

Can you believe it’s already August?

Wow, the summer is really rolling by.  I can’t say I miss the winter, but a little cooler daytime temperatures sure would be nice!

I’m sitting here at the computer now thinking I really should be in the shower.  I was trimming our miniature horse, Smokey, when the rain started.  I figured it would be slow in starting so I went ahead and finished his feet.  Wow, it came a lot faster than I thought!

I finally got four good tires on my car.  What a blessing!  I had a blowout last week, and went to Lynchburg yesterday to trim some horses and had planned to get new tires afterward but went off and left my old tire and rim at home, so I had to drive back today.

I went by a Pick and Pay junk yard to try and find a hub cap since I have one that is broken.  To get in I had to pay $2 admission and bring my own tools.  There was a big sign on the wall that said “no open toed shoes allowed.”

I was wearing sandles, had $1 in cash, and no tools with me.  Plus, the place is huge and there appeared to be lots of men wandering around out there in the heat…possibly delirious from it.  I left before I even got up to the guy sitting behind a glass window taking money.

The people in line were probably laughing at me.  Honestly, I didn’t want a new hub cap THAT bad.

I had some round bales of hay delivered yesterday, so today felt like a free day, not having to line up a load of hay and go get it.  Very nice.

The wind is starting up outside now.  I couldn’t get the weather to pull up, so I don’t know exactly what we’re supposed to be getting.  The satellite internet doesn’t work very well during storms.

I thought it had just about passed.

In any case, it’s great to have some nice heavy rain.  We’re actually going to have to start mowing the grass again.

We haven’t had to do that in several weeks.  But that is about the only benefit of a drought that I know of.

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