Our Little Pony

This is our pony, Smokey.  Isn’t he cute?

Miniature Horse

The kids actually named him something like “Smoking Afterglow.”  I think that’s his official name.

Weird kids.  I wonder what movie they got that name from?

This is one of Smokey’s perfect little pony feet.  Pony HoofI didn’t have a hoof pick in my hand, but I did have a camera,  so I grabbed a shot, dirt and all.  Never a problem with this guy’s feet.

Smokey is Lyrik’s best buddy.  Last night when I was giving Lyrik a bath, there was Smokey, nose into everything, making sure I did it all right.

(This is Lyrik all hot and sweaty right before he got a much-needed bath)Crabbet Arabian Horse

Lyrik is not a bath or fly spray lover.  Not a bit.  But he got a nice bath and his feet got scrubbed and medicated and wrapped, (terrible thrush at the moment.) And he felt a lot better.

I could tell he felt better because he followed me around the rest of the night.  Probably waiting for a treat.  I rarely give treats.  Poor horse.

Smokey didn’t get a bath, because after I finished Lyrik, I had to milk the goats and it was getting dark.

He seemed to want one.  After all, Lyrik got one.  Why not Smokey?

He’s always happy when it’s FINALLY his turn to have his feet trimmed, after standing around watching everyone else get theirs done.

And blanketing in the winter?  This pony does NOT need a blanket.  However, his friends sometimes get one if it’s wet and cold, so Smokey asks for his too.

He’s quite dejected looking if you don’t put one on him.  Even though with his four inch hair he starts to sweat under a blanket in all but the most fridgid and wet temperatures.

It’s okay to take it off of him after a while.  You just better make sure you put it on him to begin with. Even though it’s now much too small for his ever-expanding butt and belly.

I guess he’ll need a new one this year.  If for no other reason than  so CG doesn’t laugh at him like he did last year.

One really cold day Smokey was standing out by the fence all dressed up in his baby blanket that fit him when he was one, (he’s five now) and in fact, it used to be Tara’s blanket when she was 2 months old….looking quite proud of himself and feeling swell….and CG comes home from work and looks out into the pasture and sees him standing there, looking ridiculous, and couldn’t keep from laughing at him.

I think it burst his little bubble.

Poor pony.

He still loves Lyrik though and no matter how silly he looks, he wants to be just like him when he grows up.

We love our Smokey pony.

Here’s Smokey getting decked out for a parade about 3 years ago.  His mum is in the background wearing the blue and black blanket with green ankle socks.Here’s Smokey’s mama, Winnie.  And the two people are good friends of mine.  They’ve drug me all over the country horseback riding, even getting us stuck overnight in a McDonalds in Nashville one time with a horse trailer filled with horses.  The horses peed all over the parking lot.  We couldn’t help it, it ran right out of the trailer…but they were very good, even sticking their heads out of the trailer to greet all the weirdos that came by in the night trying to sell us stuff they took off the back of our truck.  Yep, we’ve had a lot of fun together. 

Here is Smokey’s daddy.  I think his name is Cowboy or something like that.

Here is Smokey getting his eyelid sewed up.  Dr. Scarrow is doing the honors.  Somehow Smokey ripped off the top part of his eyelid, but the Dr. got it sewed back on and unless you know it’s there, you can’t even see the scar.  If it had not been sewn back together Smokey would not have an upper set of eyelashes. Yep, he’s under sedation here.

This is Smokey getting his first summer clip when he was 1 year old.  He had a light baby coat that is now completely black.This is Smokey a few weeks after his clip.  Just the cutest little thing!Yep, we love our pony!

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