Making Feta Cheese the Right Way

Feta from Greece
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What is your favorite kind of cheese?  Mine is probably cottage or ricotta or something similar.  I like creamy, milky cheeses.  Luckily I like white cheese too because most of the cheeses I make out of our goats milk are various shades of white.

Unless I mess up and overheat them or add too many herbs, or forget about them on the counter.  Then they end up various shades of green.

Not too appetizing.

And don’t taste very good either.

Anyway, I decided to try a strong feta cheese for last night’s cheese adventure.

Between watching a movie and talking to CG  I managed to  made my feta a little backwards.

I put the milk in the cheese pot, added the rennet and the liapase…I wanted this to be a strong, deep bodied feta, put the lid on the pot and went back to watching “Avatar.”

A couple hours later…at the time I was supposed to be draining the cheese, I realized I had forgotten to add the culture.


Well, I lifted the lid off the pot and it had already separated into cheese, but I didn’t know what kind of cheese, and since I had decided on feta cheese, I went ahead and added the culture at that point, hoping to still be able to create feta, and not a pot of “mystery cheese.”

I’ve made my share of those.

This morning I had something that looked a lot like cottage cheese, but tasted more like linburger!

I hung it to drain, exactly 8 hours after I was supposed to drain and hang it.  It drained beautifully, but instead of slicing it and layering it with salt, I had to crumble and layer it with salt.

It tastes great though.

I already ate half of it.

I want to put it in olive oil for a few days after it cures.  Never tried that before.  The liapase makes it very strong.  Smells like stinky feet.

There are only about  7000 more different cheeses to make that I haven’t tried yet.  But, I need to find a cheese eater….try as I may, I just cannot eat all this cheese!  My chickens are absolutely loving me right now!

CG just tolerates my nightly kitchen messes of kefir, kombucha, non-stretchy mozzarella, chevre, forgotten-about green cheese, (he can detect the odor long before I can), fly breeding colonies in the compost bucket, soap and lotion fragrances in his dinner, etc.


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2 thoughts on “Making Feta Cheese the Right Way

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I’m a part time cheese maker…mostly making cheeses only I will eat…but one day, after 1000’s of batches, they’ll be perfect! Now soap…I have a lot better luck with that.


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