A Fine and Pleasant Way to Wake Up

You ever meet Rancid Crabtree?  Me either, but I think I was dreaming about him this morning…trapping a skunk or something in one of Patrick McManus’s stories.

Or maybe I was dreaming about the stinky cheese I made the other day, or the present my dog left for me on the porch last week.

There’s nothing like a morning thunderstorm to wake a person out of a dead sleep as the first vestiges of light filter through the bedroom curtain.

Crack! Boom! Bang! Heavy Downpour! Muffled crowing of roosters! Dog barks lost in the wind! Electricity flickering!  House Shuddering!  Roof making noises like heard never before!

It’s hard to sleep through something like that.

For some reason I thought thunderstorms occured just before it got dark in the evening.

As I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up, I thought it was evening.

Until I saw CG getting out his work clothes and ironing them.

It’s a very confusing time between being asleep and being awake..

At least for me.  Before my coffee.

We got a good 2 and a half inches of rain this morning in about 30 minutes.

The pastures have new rivers running through them and a lake formed in front of the porch.

It eventually stopped though, and we were able to drive safely down the road…CG to go to work, and me to go to the feed store for grain before milking.

About a mile down the road though, we had to stop.  A tree was lying in the middle of the road.  CG came and got his gloves out of the truck and helped about 6 people cut up the tree and take it off the road so we could all get to wherever we were going.

I had sandals on though, so decided to stay in the truck to protect my feet and watched while all the guys and ladies in dresses and high heels moved branches off the road.

It was quite a display of neighborliness.  The tree took out somebody’s mailbox, right in front of their house, but that somebody never showed their head out of their house…cars were still in the driveway…even though he had a downed tree and fifty neighbors standing in his yard, not to mention a line up of cars in both directions up and down the road.

Maybe a bolt of lightening came in through the window and knocked him out.

In any case CG and all those nice people got the tree out of his yard and off the road.

I sat in the truck with my bare toes, monitoring my blinking hazard lights….a big help I’m sure.

What I’m really happy about is that with all this rain, my turnips ought to get REALLY growing good.  I’ve got em planted in all my future flower beds and right now they are so cute…just these tiny little sprouts that I’m hoping the chickens won’t see.

I’ve got their milk feeders filled with old bread and fresh milk.  Baby turnips shouldn’t be too appetizing.

I’m hoping.

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  1. I used to live surrounded by farms and the lady on the end of my street had goats. Suburbia has encroached, so now I’m sitting surrounded by cookie cutter townhouses and planned landscaping. I am drooling at the image of your life. Plus, you make your own soap! How pioneering of you!


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