Happy Sunday

A few things that have made me smile lately.

1)The neighbors puppy…or someone’s puppy.  She’s been to visit twice now.  Is scratching like crazy and I can’t catch her to de-bug her..but she’s cute as a button and wags her tail and smiles at me.

2)Tara, waiting out by the fence this morning for me.  Just sure as she could be that I’m going to turn her back out into the yard today to eat this tall grass.

3) Ciara, running to me when I come outside…bucking and jumping all around.  Never jumps on me though.  Gives a cute little “maaa, maaa.”  Very soft.

4) CG coming home at night.  That always makes me smile.

5) Calling for a hay delivery tomorrow, and getting the hay BEFORE I run out.  Always good.

6) The goat girls waiting patiently in line to be milked.  No pulling on their collars, or having to coerce them into the milking shed.

7) Listening to the horses and goats munch hay contentedly in the dark after all the chores have been done.

8) The truck breaking down, but getting fixed the same day.  Whewww.

9) A clean kitchen! A clean bathroom! A clean livingroom! Bedroom slowly getting organized.

10) a pickup load of trash pulled out of the woods…just a dent in the trash piles we have around here, but a dent, nevertheless. Lots of board with nails…gone away!

11) FOUR chicks with their mama. That’s the number, four.  None have perished in the water buckets or anywhere else.   Keeping my fingers crossed.

12) Still have FIVE guineas.  Had six to begin with.  Lost one.  But the rest are still here and doing well. Nice little animals.  Intent bug hunters.

13) Chickens scratching horse piles into the ground so I don’t have to pick them up.

14) A dung beattle rolling around a horse biscuit in the dark.  First one I’ve ever seen.

15) Six nice, clean, round bales of hay delivered, and he even gave me one for free because it had some wild dandelions in it!  But, my goats LOVE those things!

16) Mama hen hatched out three new baby chicks.  She abandoned her nest after the three hatched, so I’ve got the rest of the eggs in the house.  And they are making little noises. So cute.

17) A successful market day Sat.  Sold lots of soap.  Got lots of requests.

18) Got my named changed officially to my birth name.  After my divorce, I had just assumed my maiden name, but it wasn’t really legal.  My petition surfed around in 3 different courts, all requiring documentation I didn’t have…the last court had some sense and signed the thing without requiring me to jump through hula hoops.  A true miracle.

19) Relief from the oppressive heat.  Cooler nights.  Fewer flies and creepy things.

20) Caught the puppy and gave her a bath. Got some medicine for her yesterday, now have to catch her again!

21) I’m alive, and so is everyone else that I love.


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