The Holiday Season is Almost Here!

The Christmas season is bearing down on us pretty fast now, with each dwindling summer day a minute or two shorter than the previous one.  Before I moved to the country and got horses and goats and chickens, I didn’t pay nearly so much attention to the seasons.  It hardly mattered if it rained, snowed, was 120 degrees, etc.  Sure, our trips between the house and the car could be a little uncomfortable, but once inside, the weather just went away.

I didn’t have to trudge through snow and ice with feed and water, and spend hours outside each day making sure the animals were clean, dry, and well-bedded down, especially in snow storms.

Well, now I am acutely aware of changes in temperatures, seasons, etc. and can sense them changing like a real live old-timer!

With the changing seasons, come  the Holiday’s of course.  When living in the city, I could almost ignore the holiday’s, even shopping, with all the lights and glitter didn’t put me in the mood.  But something about being outdoors so much, being in tune with nature gives a lot more meaning to the seasons for me.

My crafter friends at the market can feel it to, and we are all planning now for holiday sales.  The Danville Farmers market will be all decked out for Christmas and you can bet the vendors will have extra-special hand crafted items available for the thousands of customers expected to visit the market, looking for unique Christmas gifts.

I’ve been planning new soaps, lotions, gift bags, etc. and have already begun soaping for the season in earnest.  My soap drying room with fans is about ready and I’ve got a whole list of new soaps I’ll be making.

Two new soaps that I’m really excited about, because I’ve gotten so many requests for them are a new facial bar called “Pretty Faces”, which for now comes in two varieties, Naked, with no scent, and Oatmeal and Tea Tree.  These soaps contain more than 1 oz each of shea butter per 4 oz bar.  That’s a lot of shea!  Shea butter is very expensive, so the bars will be a little smaller than our normal bar, but the pricing will be the same, ($5 per bar). The bars also contain local raw honey, castor bean oil, and organic olive oil, plus our goats milk of course!

The other new soap is a Dead Sea Salt bar.  This will be available in several varieties, which have not been decided on yet.  They will be scented with only essential oils, and of course, one bar will contain no scent.

My normal salt bars contain  sea salt and I’ve sold quite a few of those and love them myself, but those will be replaced with the Dead Sea bars because the salts are superior in mineral content and quality.  Dead Sea Salts are quite expensive, so once again, these bars will be a tad smaller, but priced the same.

Other than the addition of these two new types of soaps, we will also carry all the same soaps we have now, which are about 34 different varieties/scents, but will be adding 6-10 new scents, in addition to the facial and dead sea bars for the holiday season.  (We expect to have around 40 different soaps for you to choose from!)

Have a favorite?  Have a suggestion?

Here are the scents/varieties currently available.

Fragrance oil soaps:

1)black raspberry vanilla

2)bay rum

3)frankincense and myrrh

4)black sandalwood

5)cleopatra’s treasure

6)sex on the beach

7)coconut lime verbena

8)tara marie

9)love spell

10)lemon curd

11)honey bee

12)dragon’s blood

12)summer candy apple

13)apple jack and peel

14)lay me down by the river

15)nag champa

16)american pie

Essential Oil Soaps:

17)lavender canoe

18)lavender/orange/with ground chamomile flowers



21)morning sunrise




25)tea tree



28)ugly betty

Unscented soap:

29)oatmeal, milk and honey

Salt Bars:


31)tea tree/orange

32)miss miley’s citrus (1 bar left)

Kitchen Sink Bar:

dragon’s blood/litsea with ground coffee beans, sea salt and blueberry seeds…odor removing.

Facial Bars:


34)tea tree and oatmeal

Dead Sea Salt Bars:

5 varieties, probably lavender/rosemary, tea tree, peppermint/eucalyptus, spearmint/eucalyptus, and unscented.

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