What’s Soaping Today?

For those of you who I shorted on Honey Bee, I got it soaped today!  I thought I had a big ole box of it on the shelf.  And I did have a big ole box, but the box was empty! Whoops!

I also got a big batch of Bay Rum done…can never have too much of that.

I got yesterday’s Lemon Grass unmolded and cut today.  This time I added some meadow sweet to it, and it made it really nice.  Meadow Sweet is a healing herb.  It’s pretty in the soap too.

Also getting unmolded today was my other new facial bar,  Oatmeal and Tea Tree.

Unfortunately, none will be ready for the market this Saturday, but we’ve got the fans going  and I’m confident they will be ready for the market on Sept. 4th.

I get to use the first one tonight!  Can’t make up my mind which one it will be, the “Pretty Faces” Naked, or the “Pretty Faces” Tea Tree and Oatmeal.  The bars turned out a lot bigger than the 4 ounces I had planned on.  After curing they will be around 5.2 ounces.  They are a nice size to fit in your hand comfortably and CG is absolutely INSISTING I round the corners on these luxury bars.  So, I guess I will.

Other Farm News

We got rain, rain and more rain this morning.  Now that the sun’s come out, you can almost see the grass growing.  I think I can hear it too!

The little beagle that came to stay is still here and letting me pet her some.  I caught her the other day and gave her another bath plus some ivermectin for the mange…hopefully she’s not loaded with heart worms, in which case, I’ve probably killed her.

If anyone has any jewel weed growing on their property, will you please let me know so I can  come and pick some?  I want to use it for a soap but can’t find it anywhere around here.

Or, if you have some dried stuff and can send it, I’d be happy to pay for it.

Thanks a trillion!

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