Ahh, fall is here!

The walnut and chestnut trees are hanging low with their nuts, and the acorns and hickories are already falling to the ground…so far nobody’s eating them.

The leaves are slowly turning, and we’re almost needing to rake the yard already.  Some of the chickens are molting, all of them are laying, and the guineas are  positively LOUD!

The mornings are cool and we no longer need the fan most nights.

The horses are shedding their short summer coats and the bucks smell like….well, bucks.  YUKK!!

I’ve been working on a new website for our soaps and goats.  The address is still the same www.shantaraacres.com but all the old information is gone and I’m working on new info, new pictures, etc.   I tried to install a shopping cart but failed miserably so I am creating an online catalog of all of our products.  Each product is coded with it’s own pay pal button and it’s taking me about a day and half to do each variety, so I haven’t got very many listed yet.

Not a single picture of a goat either!  I’m far ahead of where I was yesterday though, which was no where, and so I gave up.  Oh boy…I’m getting ready to launch into technical computer jargon which will just confuse me, so I’m going to stop talking about it.

I already have a headache.

But anyway, if anyone would like to stop in at www.shantaraacres.com and order some soap just to see if my shopping cart works, well, that would be great.

If no one takes me up on it, I may just order some soap from myself.  Just to try it out.

We’ve got about 5 soaps listed so far, and I’ll do a few more every day.  I think we’ve got around 30 varieties right now, so it will certainly take me awhile.  Have a bunch more to make too.

Now, just to get rid of this headache.

Oh, here’s a picture of four of our chicks who actually made it half way to adulthood without committing suicide in a water bucket.  They just love this nice Hawaiian breeze we have out there today ruffling up their feathers.

Too bad I was on the computer all day…it was a perfect day to hang clothes out to dry.

chickens scratching in the hay pile

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