Breeding Season Has Officially Started Here at Shantara Acres Farm

We were hoping to postpone it, or perhaps avoid it all together, but when you’re living by the laws of nature, some things are just unavoidable.

We had pastured all the bucks with the two mares and the pony, and they all seemed happy with the situation.

Until yesterday, when CG and I needed to make repairs on the girls shed.

With all the excitement, the young bucklings decided to shoot through the electric wire and risk getting shocked, to get over with the girls, who were very excited about what we were doing.

All of them are in full-blown rut now, and even holding them by their collars got buck- rut-stink on my hands and turned my stomach.

Luckily I’m not pregnant.

If you know anyone who’s  pregnant, better advise them to stay away from buck goats in the fall.

We put the baby boys back in their infant pen in the yard..(they are now 80-plus pound babies) and so far they are staying put.  They can’t see the girls, and I’m betting they can’t smell them either…although we can sure smell them BOYS!  YUK!

Our 4 year old buck, Atticus however, who has happily stayed in the pasture with the horses so far this season,  must have gotten the idea too, because when I woke this morning and looked out the window, Malachai, our guardian dog who lives with the does, was acting a bit strange.  Upon closer inspection, I saw a big stinky buck standing in the middle of the girls, looking smug.

It was too late to do anything, so I went ahead and had my coffee, and then donned plastic gloves, which really didn’t help, and got Atticus back into his own pasture. The buck pen will have to be reinforced today and he’s going to be locked in it for the rutting season.

I checked the girls and luckily, he didn’t breed any of the babies.  I hadn’t decided if I was going to breed them this year…and in any case, they are not quite up to the 90-100 pound breeding weights needed.

Alicia for sure was bred, and Michal showed signs of it.  Michal was going to milk through this year and possibly next without kidding…ha ha ha.  Alicia is right on track, I keep hoping each year for a doe kid from her and hopefully this year she’ll give me one.

And that about covers it for this Monday mornings excitement.  Luckily the Stink-Be-Gone soap I made seemed to do the trick last night, and got the buck odor completely off of me.  I’m betting I’ll need to use the whole bar up by the time this day is over…..Ahhhh, the joys of fall and bucks-in-rut!

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