Today’s Soapings

Today’s soaps were two varieties of baby soaps in the round molds.

The first is “Citrus Baby” baby soap.  The essential oils used were sweet orange, 5X orange, litsea, geranium and spearmint, no colors of course, and all liquid used is goats milk.

The second soap is “Patched Tree Baby”.  This is a patchouli and tea tree blend. Again, no colors were used and all liquid is our own fresh goats milk.

These soaps won’t be ready for a few weeks, but we do have one baby bar ready, it’s our “Naked Baby” soap.  No scent, no colors.

Our baby bars are made with a much higher percentage of shea butter than our regular recipe, plus organic, cold-pressed olive oil for extra gentle, non-drying, special baby care.

Next up is another Dead Sea Salt Bar, this time done with an experimental method I just invented.  I hope it works!

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