Breeding Season News

It’s been a very busy and tiring week….and it’s not over yet!

All 8 does, (4 senior, 4 junior) came into heat at the same time…and we have FOUR rutty bucks on the property, all behind electric fences.

Electric fences DO NOT work for bucks in rut or does’ in heat.

It’s been utterly chaotic.  And that’s an understatement.  Hopefully, after today, the last of the girls will end their heat cycles and we’ll have a minute or two  of peace.

I’ve got 3 Alpine doelings locked in the barn and 3 Alpine bucklings  still  locked  in their yard paddock.  And our big buck is tied to a tree in the yard next to the pen of boys!

Okay, so I can breath for a minute…everyone is under control…two of the senior does are bred…the baby girls, who are still too young to breed are locked up…and I’m waiting on the feed store to bring me more cattle panels.

The boys will get a new pen built with sturdy cattle panels, and the girls are getting a new pen built with goat fencing and wooden posts sunk in concrete.

No more electric fencing during breeding season!  Not EVER!

My job today is to sink those posts in concrete.  I don’t know that I can even dig a fence post hole!

CG has to work today and he’s the official post-hole digger around here.

Luckily we only need wooden posts for the corners.  We’ll use t-posts for the line posts.

T-Posts aren’t any fun to put in the ground either, but at least they are quick, and they can be removed if they are accidentally put in the wrong spot.  (I’m good at putting posts in the wrong spot).

All of this would be much easier if we didn’t also have to move CG’s house full of furniture this weekend on his only two days off.

Oh great, the feed store just called and said they don’t have enough cattle panels for my order.  They are waiting on a truck to come in…which could be today..or not.  And I don’t have any concrete either.  Ah heck…

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