Chestnuts and Other Farm Happenings

Like to go barefoot outside?

Well, if you were to try that in my yard right now you’d have to have soles of steel because right now the chestnuts are dropping their spine-covered nuts just about as fast as I can pick them  up.

Although the nuts are touted as being wonderful for your health and terrific tasting, picking them up has proven to be hazardous to my personal health because when  a big ball of prickly spines full of heavy nuts falls from the top branches of a tree, 100 feet in the air and hits a person in the back or head…it hurts.

I’ve given up for the day, but not before I got three big bowls of chestnuts picked up off the ground and de-hulled of their spiny outer shell.  I’ll have them at the market this weekend too!

"chestnuts_off_our_chestnut_tree.jpg" "chestnuts_at_the_danville_farmers_market.jpg"

Sorry if I’ve missed you at the Danville Farmers Market the last two weeks.  We finally rented CG’s house out, which is a true blessing for us as it was quite a financial strain to be carrying two mortgages.  We had to finish up some last minute projects and then get all of his stuff moved out.

We managed to squeeze the contents of two full sized houses into our one small farmhouse.

We can still walk around in here, but it’s not too easy.  Some of this stuff has to go!

Anyway, I’m over run with eggs that I normally sell out of at the market…no more room in the fridge for ANYTHING!  So, I’ll have plenty with me this weekend.  We ate the oldest ones and saved the freshest for our customers…anyone find a blue egg in their dozen lately?

We’ve got one hen that lays blue eggs and we are trying to put one of them in every dozen.  Of course we have the normal green and brown and light brown…but this is the first time we’ve had blue!

We got up a buck pen made out of cattle panels.  Boy oh boy is that SOOOOO much nicer than trying to keep them in electric fencing….they ALWAYS know when it’s off, and I won’t go near it unless it’s off, and yep, if you’ve read my recent blog posts you know what a time we’ve been having with girls coming into heat and too many bucks..and too many relatives we don’t want breeding with one another!

We also put up a pen for the baby girls.  Of course, at around 80+ pounds, they really are not babies anymore…but their still babies to me.  I still have to install a gate…made out of a cattle panel…easy, easy, easy.  I also have to put up a cattle panel shelter in the buck pen before it rains tonight.  They’ve got plenty of shade from the garage the pen is built next to, and cedar and pine trees outside the fenced area, but nothing for rain, and it’s supposed to be pretty severe tonight.

I have to take apart another pen to get the t-posts I need to use for the shelter…which is why I decided to come inside after picking up all those chestnuts…it’s exhausting just thinking about it!

And for some reason, the humidity came back today.

Thanks for visiting.

Hope to see some of you at the Danville Farmers Market on Sat.  I’ll have soap of course, lotions, (some new soaps too) rainbow-colored eggs, and chestnuts.  I’d have some birdhouses made out of gourds I grew last year too if I had the time to get them painted, which I don’t.

Okay, back to the grindstone.

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