Soap Donations…My Poor Man’s “Giving Pledge”

A few weeks ago I posted about “The Giving Pledge” where billionaire’s with more money than they know what to do with pledge to donate a large portion of that money to charities.  Well, I don’t have billions of dollars, but  what I do have though  is perhaps a  little more time on my hands than a lot of people.

I was so inspired by the whole idea of “The Giving Pledge” that I sat down and thought about some way I could use my excess time to benefit someone else in need.  My first idea was to donate soap to a women’s shelter.  I contacted my local shelter but didn’t  get a response.  (I haven’t completely given up on that idea just yet).

My second idea was to donate 10 percent of my soap sales to my favorite group “New Hope On 4 Hoofs”, which is an Equine Program that brings horses and agility-trained dogs together with children who have lost a parent.

This is a new program with GREAT potential and was started by a client of mine and I’ve seen it grow from an idea into a flourishing program…in need of funding.

Realizing that 10 percent of my soap sales was going to be a rather small donation, I thought and thought and thought some more, and finally, while sitting in the yard one day, a chestnut fell on my head and poked me rather severely, and suddenly I got the idea to donate SOAP to the program and THEY could sell it, keeping ALL the money for the program!

(Ever had a “chestnut” inspiration?  It’s rather painful, but enlightening at the same time)!

So, my philanthropic idea is well under way and I’m currently creating soaps for their first event which is in mid October.  I’m so excited to be contributing to something so worthwhile.

Anyway, if you’d like to donate time, money, tack, riding breeches, boots, saddles, blankets, etc. you can email me and I will forward the information on to the groups director.  You can also send the Founder, Melinda Martin an email at, or  get more information from their website at .  The website was still undergoing some construction last time I visited, but should be up and running any minute now.

Hope you visit!

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