Is This Yer Snake?

"black snake"

I found this big fellow in the corner of the goat pen where Henny Penny had busily laid about a dozen eggs just the day before.  Well, she might have had a little help from some of her friends, but she had claimed them all as her own and was keeping them quite cozy.

Poor hen has been scared eggless and is now wandering around clucking like she’s lost her best friend.  I really don’t know what to do.  Seems like “Zeke” as we’ve decided to call him, actually ate some of Henny Penny’s children and now she is just beside herself with gloom.

Anyway, if this snake belongs to you, or you know who the owner might be, please come and pick him up at your earliest convenience so our poor Henny Penny can get back to her little chicken life.

Oh, and if there is a reward offered for this snake that would be a really nice gesture.  I could really use the money to buy a new rat terrier, a box of bullets and a bag of chicken feed.

Good day.


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