Back Online!

When I got home from working today my new modem was sitting in a lawn chair on my front porch, all wrapped up in a nice plastic bag just in case of rain.

I plugged it into my computer…carefully following the directions and at first it seemed as if it didn’t want to work any better than the old one, but I guess it’s doing a little better now.  At least I’m online, and that’s better than before.

Now I can’t think of any reason I need to be on here.  Imagine the time I’d be saving if I were outside building my chicken pen instead of inside plucking keys?

I’ve been cleaning an area out to put up the electric chicken mesh fence.  We have a small lean-to up against one side of an old corn barn bin that I have the nest boxes in and it needs a little work to winterize it.  It also needs some roosts.

We discovered that having the chickens out on the pasture with the horses is great…except after planting grass.  I do believe they’ve eaten every seed I’ve put down.  I’m not planting any more until we have them in their chicken pasture area as it seems to be quite pointless.

My blue-egg laying hen was scared off by the black snake and has taken to laying her eggs somewhere else…and I can’t find that somewhere else…so no blue eggs.

And they are my FAVORITES!  Besides the double-yolks.  Those are nice too.

CG has been having fun cutting wood.  It seems like men really do enjoy that.  He’s got a nice pile of stuff that needs splitting.

I thought about trying to split it…you know, to help him out a little, but then I thought how much it would hurt my…everything.  For some reason I can’t seem to standing pounding or digging.

I don’t know why.  Must be a personal flaw of mine.  I wish I could do it.  And maybe I could if I tried a little harder.  Hmm, sounds painful.

Guess I’m just a whimp.  Might give it another go though.  Sometimes trying something for the 100th time is just the ticket!

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