Apple Jack and Peel and Warm Fall Fires

That’s what is on the soap and lotion list for today!  I’m trying to find a new label design  and need to scent the lotion, but it will be on the market table in the morning!

Also being soaped today is our first castile soap.  Castile soap is defined in my dictionary as being made out of all vegetable oils, and not including any animal fats…which of course nearly all commercial soaps contain tallow or “tallowate” or something like that.  They do try and disguise the fact that they use animal fats, but they must, because animal fats are the by-products of the slaughterhouse and are relatively cheap and so are more economical to the commercial soap making companies.

In the soaping world, we usually define a castile soap as being made wholly or mostly out of olive oil.  This soap is especially useful for people with super dry skin, although most folks can use a regular goats milk soap with great success, some have asked for a castile soap so of course I will make one!

Pure olive oil soaps are low sudsing, so I am going to include some castor bean oil in the recipe to add a little more lather to the soap.

Of course, it might not be ready until next year because using all soft oils makes a soap that takes forever and ever to cure.

I haven’t decided yet if I am going to scent it or not….have to see what scents I have on hand.  If so it will be an essential oil and no color will be added.

Other farm news:  All of the milking does are now bred…even though I had planned on only breeding two of them plus the three young does.  One of the two that were to remain in milk through the next year got accidentally bred when our buck jumped out of the horse pasture.  The other girl, Miley, I decided to go ahead and breed because we are starting DHIR this year (milk testing/recording) and want to start all the girls out when they freshen.

Alicia continues to come into heat every week just like she did last year so I decided to leave our buck in the doe pen with her and Miley for the whole day.  Miley was also in heat, and did get bred, but Alicia demanded his attention for the entire day.  I’d never seen that before.  She was very insistent he not look at any of the other does.  Anyway, hopefully 8 hours of being bred has worked and she won’t come back into heat next week!  Believe me, that was one tired buck last night!

CG started up the wood stove last night, which felt pretty good this morning.  We spent an arm and a small leg on this beautiful soap stone stove and I think we either got ripped off or we just don’t know how to keep a hot fire going…which is probably the issue here.

The thick stone walls of the stove are supposed to absorb heat and radiate it back into the room, even after the fire goes out, which it does, but it takes about a half a day to warm up just the living room and it seems more to me like the stones act as insulation, not allowing the heat out into the room, but rather, sending it up the chimney.  That’s my theory anyway.

Okay, got soapy stuff to work on….wishing everyone a happy Friday!

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